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Providing Electrical Services Since 2007

Lorette Electric (2008), previously known as Ashern Electric (1987) Ltd., was started in the early 1950s. It has been passed down through employees purchasing the company they worked for. It is a very well respected name throughout Manitoba. We have been working all over the province for many years and therefore have become very well known for our work.

In August of 2007 we moved to Lorette and changed the name from Ashern Electric (1987) Ltd. to Lorette Electric (2008). We remain in large demand in Ashern and are making our name known here in Lorette, Winnipeg, and the surrounding area.

About The Owner
Doug Baker

Lorette Electric is owned by Doug Baker. Doug started his electrical career at Eecol Electric in 1991 in Victoria, B.C. He then moved back to Ashern in 1992 and started to work for Ashern Electric (1987) Ltd. Doug has over 29 years of experience in the electrical and heating/cooling trades. He obtained his Journeyman license January 2000 and purchased the business in February of the same year. He has proudly and diligently operated the business since.

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